Remarks on Cutting and Acting in THE WORLD’S END (Wright, 2013)

From August, 2013:

The World’s End is blooming hilarious and well put together. It has the best line of the summer: “Fhuck awff, ya light bulb!” (Ya need to see it to get it.) It’s an editor’s movie, for the most part. The variations on rhythmic cutting–on Aronofsky’s “hip hop montages”–only this time, it’s booze, make the movie pop. The lateral track/cross-cutting between the friends near the beginning also caught my eye. But it’s also an actor’s movie. Just watch how Pegg dictates the pace and the cutting by, among other things, abruptly boinging in and out of the frame–directly below, diagonally, from and toward either side, etc. In the end, though, what matters most is that Pegg and Wright just get what it means to get back together with the boys after a long hiatus. The initial unease, then the blowup, followed by a wild ride. One of the best new releases I’ve seen in months.