2GUNS (Kormákur, 2013): Absurd Energy

From August 2013:

2Guns may be instantaneously forgettable, but it’s also a decent piece of entertainment. It’s like the 80s filtered through the 90s–a Lethal Weapon-type buddy cop movie, with dialogue that’s all about trading witticisms, as fast as you can, packaged in structural twists and “burned out” visuals. The script is preposterous to the brink of parody, and it almost seems that Denzel and Wahlberg were energized by its absurdness. I love movies where the actors seem like they had a great time making it. Baltasar Kormákur, Wahlberg’s new go-to director apparently, nonetheless takes the time to add some nice touches to a such an-in-your-face affair. Paula Patton’s ring and the flickering light in the garage are two plants that ask you to use your eyes and ears for a moment or two. Finally, I couldn’t help but notice an inverse trend in the physiques of the two leads: Wahlberg is popping while Denzel is shriveling. The days of Washington playing the fit guy jogging the crammed corridors of a submarine are long gone. Expect a sequel.


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